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Onion Oil (Hair Growth)



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Onion Oil

Quantity: 200 ml
Ingredients: Coconut oil, Tea tree oil and small onions
Benefits: Baby hair growth, nourishes hair follicles, restores nutrients and prevents Hair breakage.
: Take two spoons of the oil in the palm and massage the scalp for 10 mins. Leave it for 1 hour max and Wash it off with any shampoo of your choice.
Usage: Use twice a week for best results.
Shelf Life : 3 Months
Suitable for both Men and Women

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100 ML, 200 ML

42 reviews for Onion Oil (Hair Growth)

  1. Nandini

    Wow onion oil is super i have been buying for the past 1 year it has increased and become thick

  2. Tharani

    I saw onion oil preparation in your youtube channel and it is so pure and natural and then I got the product it is so natural I love the product also it reduced my hair fall

  3. srinithi

    I am so confident with onion oil as I had so much hair fall everytime I combed my hair now it’s reduced to just few strands so happy with Magical jar

  4. Abi

    My friend sggested onion oil from magical jar and it is very nice this is very good product along with onion oil I took onion shampoo also it is super for my hair it’s very soft and thick now

  5. Keerthana

    I have used onion oil for 3 months my hair has grown 1 inch now

  6. Hallel

    Onion oil received its very nice I will use it for more weeks and get back to you

  7. Priya kishore

    I have tried so many oils but this onion oil is the best and I am your reuglar customer

  8. Akshaya

    Received hair regrowth kit and onion oil smells so good

  9. Afreen

    Onion oil quality and quantity both are best and is exactly how described and showed in the website

  10. Akila

    Onion oil product is very nice but you will have hair fall for the first 2-3 times as all the dry and weak hair falls and it helps strengthen my hair follicles I was patient and saw the result in 2-3 months

  11. Yuvarani NY

    Surabi mam told me to use onion oil regularly for 3-4 months and now my baldness has reduced a lot thank you mam for the best product I love it

  12. Ramya

    My hair is always dry and tips are fully damaged and then i used onion oil it retains my moisture and breakage also reduced 90% this product is very nice

  13. Bhuvana

    Onion oil received its very nice thank you for suggesting this product sis

  14. M.Harika

    Onion oil is very nice product my hair has increased by 2 inches in 2 months so happy with the product

  15. Vasundhara

    Onion oil reduced my dandruff and itchy scalp thank you for this magical product

  16. Rajaf

    In every offer order I make sure I get onion oil and love the comb applicator it helps in applying oil without dirtying my hands

  17. Sumi

    My hair is curly and frizzy and I started using onion oil it is very manageable thanks to magical jar’s onion oil

  18. Ammu

    Helps in increasing hair growth onion oil is super product

  19. Kumaresh

    Whatever onion oil claims to do it achieves in this product thank you for this best product

  20. archana

    Onion oil reduced my dandruff so much now I don’t keep scratching my head I used only 5 times for that itself I can see reduced dandruff I will use it continiously

  21. Lavanya Rajendran

    At last received my order onion oil with brahmi bringraj hair pack rendumey super

  22. Shanmugapriya

    100 marks for onion oil I love it as I have got my hair thickness back after my pregnancy

  23. Maduradurai

    Hai mam I placed my 18th order and always my order contains onion oil I love love love that product so much

  24. Vigneshwari

    After every bath with onion oil I like it so much becoz it makes my hair shiny soft and silky and healthy also very less hair strands is lost

  25. Zeenathbabu1418@gamil.com

    Onion oil is best oil it nourishes my hair and strengthens my hair there is less breakage and damage to my hair

  26. Bhuvaneshwari

    Hai mam I need to say your onion oil is superb it is reduced my hair fall so much and hair growth increased

  27. Pavithra

    My hair was becoming very thin and you suggested onion oil for intense care for my hair now there is so much difference in thickness thank you sis

  28. Fathima

    Smells fresh small onion is very strong and very good for my hair

  29. Manoj (verified owner)

    Onion oil repiars my hair scalp deep and it helps in hair growth in my front head where there was baldness and it has reduced and I am sure it will reduce more

  30. A.shankari

    Onion oil smell is very strong but it helps in growing my hair so well I have so many baby hairs in front now

  31. Anubama

    I have to say onion oil is the best invention, i love it so much and works wonders on my hair

  32. pandiaraj

    I am using onion oil for 4 months I can see baby hairs in front of my forehead thank you MJ for this product

  33. Sakthi

    Received onion oil stock up Thank you for this product mam I alwyas use only onion oil for my hair

  34. Preethi

    Really nice product the onion oil is thick in consistency and very user friendly because of comb cap

  35. Hayath basha

    I lost so much hair because of my work stress and then I found Magical jar page the onion oil is so good that it cools my head and reduces heat and my hair health has incraesed so well in the past 6 months now

  36. Rani

    Hlo I’m used your hair oil smells gud da nourishing and my hair became so healthy when compare to before.

  37. Purnima

    This is best product in MJ onion oil it helped my hair to grow thanq mam

  38. Thenmozhi

    Hy my hair volume increased and baby hairs r growing happy to use da

  39. Anusha

    Im using ur onion oil it’s really magical I have so many split ends and my hair is frizzy after using this oil epo hair nalla irukkunga romba thank you.

  40. Ramyashree

    All my friends asking what treatment I did to my hair but I am using only onion oil for 6 months and my hair has become so thick now

  41. Harinni

    Onion oil reminds me of my grandmom’s oil how she used to apply daily in my childhood I will use it and give review soon, the smell and quality is very nice

  42. Jayakavitha

    I used onion oil for 15 days only and I can see difference in my hair it makes my hair soft and strong

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