How To Shop in Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer?

Option 1: Getting different products in B1G1 FREE offer:


Add 2 or more different products to the cart,
Lowest priced products will be “FREE”.
Highest priced products will be “Billed”.

For example:

If you have added the below products to the cart.
  • Glowing Face pack – Rs 450 
  • Hibiscus Toner – Rs 300
  • Apricot scrub – Rs 400
  • Kumkumadi Serum – Rs 500
you will only pay for “Kumkumadi serum” and “Glowing face pack” since they are of the highest priced in your cart.


Hibiscus Toner and Apricot scrub will be free since they are of the lowest price in your Cart.

Option 2: Getting the same product in offer
Example 1:
If you can add 2 quantity of “No Marks serum” to the cart.
You will only Pay for 1 No Marks serums.
Example 2:
If you can add 4 quantity of “Kumkumadi cream” to the cart.
You will only Pay for 2 Kumkumadi Cream.
Example 3:
If you can add 3 quantity of “Onion Oil” to the cart.
You will Pay for 2 onion Oil.


“So please make sure you choose products in even number.”

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