Daycare Routine (Dry skin)


Soft Glowing Skin, Your biggest dream? Here is the Skincare routine for you!


List of Products: Cappuccino cleanser |Earth jar face pack | Lavender cream | Lavender Toner

1. Kick start your skincare routine by using the Cappuccino Jar Cleanser. Wet your face and use the powder cleanser to gently scrub your face and neck. Thoroughly wash your face. (Shake the bottle well before use)
2. Mix the Earth Jar Face pack with curd and gently apply to your face. Allow it to dry (Min wait time 20mins). Wash your face well.
3. Use the toner and spray them on your face. Allow the face to dry and then gently wipe your face with a soft cloth.
4. Use Lavender cream as your Daily Moisturiser.

Benefits: Treats uneven skin tone, rich in antioxidants, glowing complexion, slows down aging, reduces pimple marks and hydrates your Skin

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Net Weight: 1200 grams

Follow this regime for 30 Days and feel the Magic happening to your skin. Write to after 30 Days of Usage with your feedback, You can also drop in a message on Whatsapp @+91 7810097429.

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