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Friday Combo


Valentines Day Combo (Save 35%)

Kumkumadi Serum | Quantity: 30ml 
-Reduces puffiness, dark circles and wrinkles around your eyes.
Glowing Face Pack | Quantity: 350 grams
– Provides Natural glow, reduces dark spots and gives smooth  and Glowing skin.
Strawberry Shampoo| Quantity: 200ml
– Helps Hair nourishment, fixes dry hair and reduces dandruff.
Rose Cinnamon Lip Serum | Quantity: 10ml
– Pink lips, Prevents chapping of lips, Softens lips and Removes dead cells.
Cotton Candy Scrub | Quantity: 350 grams
– Reduces acne, moisturise skin, astringent, antiseptic and reduces sun burns
Cotton Candy Face wash | Quantity: 200 ml
– Reduces acne, redness in face, soothes skin, removes oil and dirt

No of Products : 6
Net Weight : 1300 grams

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