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Magic Lotion_Moisturiser


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100% Natural

Magic Lotion Moisturizer

Ingredients: Aloe gel, olive oil, almond oil, Tree Tea E-oil, Peppermint E-oil, and Lavender E-oil.
Benefits: Acts as a moisturizer, helps in enhancing the skin glow, Reduces Tan, Improves Skin Texture
Directions: Take a pea size of the cream and massage it well into the face and neck until it gets well absorbed.
Usage: Daily in the morning as a moisturizer or in the night as a night cream.
Brownie Points: After applying the cream, use one of our Face Massage Tools to get the product better absorbed.
Shelf life: 4 months ( Always refrigerate)

Directions To Use Shampoo & Conditioner

  • Detangle your hair with a big teeth wooden comb for avoiding unwanted breakage in the hair strands.

  • Take any oil of your choice, double boil and apply by massaging all over your scalp and strands.

  • Take the required amount of shampoo depending on your hair length.

  • Gently apply on the scalp after diluting with water, and massage well.

  • Leave it on until you have a body wash.

  • Rinse it thoroughly and squeeze out the excess water present in the length of the hair.

  • Now, take pea size conditioner and apply only on your hair roots and not scalp.

  • Wash it off thoroughly and rinse.



Usage: Use it two to three times a week for the best results.

Benefits of Organic Shampoos

Why use an Organic Shampoo?
Conventional shampoos may clean your hair but on the other side remove the natural oils in your scalp which leads to dryness and itching.
Benefits of our Organic Shampoos:

  • Holds onto your scalps natural oils and help hair retain its moisture

  • Topped with Hibiscus Essential Oil, nourishes your hair and promotes hair growth

  • Stimulate the growth of new hair, and enhance the overall texture and appearance of the hair

  • Has a balanced PH level that doesn’t damage your hair

  • With regular use, natural shampoos can help the hair to feel softer and smoother while enhancing its natural luster

  • No Foam = No chemicals to damage your hair

Benefits of using Powder Cleanser

  • A powder cleanser acts as an exfoliator to scrub deep inside the pores and cleans the dirt.

  • Removes excess oil from the face unlike any chemical face washes and retains the exact amount of moisture.

  • Powder cleansers can be used as a face pack 2-3 times a week which gives a better glow to the skin.

  • There are absolutely zero chemicals added in powder cleansers and thus keeping your skin away from harsh chemicals.

  • Powder cleansers give an immediate glow when used in a single use.

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When to use Body Moisturiser?

What is the best time to apply Body Moisturiser?

After a Shower

Water evaporates off your skin quickly after taking bath, which can leave your skin feeling dry. The best way to seal in moisture is to apply lotion immediately after a shower while skin is still slightly damp.

Before Exercising

If you’re going to exercise outdoors, prep your skin by applying a lightweight. If the weather is cold or the air is dry, this can help reduce the dryness that may occur post-workout.

After Shaving

In addition to removing unwanted body hair, shaving also removes the top layer of skin cells, as if you had exfoliated. To help protect newly exposed skin from dryness, as well as to soothe any razor irritation, apply a body lotion or moisturiser after shaving.

Before Bed

Moisture is pulled out of the skin as we sleep, so applying a body moisturiser right before bed is key. Plus, it always feels nice to have soft and smooth skin as you slip into the sheets.

After Washing and Sanitising Your Hands

To help replenish moisture and prevent irritation and chapping, be sure to apply a hand cream immediately after you wash or apply hand sanitiser.

After Exfoliating

After exfoliating or using a body scrub in the shower, moisturising is a must. This will help soothe the top layer of skin and help strengthen the moisture barrier.
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Magic Lotion_Moisturiser


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