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Cotton Candy Lip Scrub – For dark and pigmented lips

Ingredients : Rose – E oil, Rose petals, Sugar and Olive oil.

Benefits of Cotton Candy Lip Scrub:

  • Gives Pink Lips
  • Prevents Lips from Chapped.
  • Helps in Softening Lips
  • Removes Dead Cells on Lips.

Usage: Use it 2-3 times a week to exfoliate dead cells.

Shelf Life: 3 Months

Suitable for both Men and Women

Rose - E oil : This essential oil aids in healing dry, aggravated, and cracked skin, which may also be the reason it's commonly found in lotions and lip balms. 

Rose petals : Roses exert a stunning effect on your lips. They not only lend a pinkish hue to your lips but also make them soft as they moisturise the skin and enhance colour. Moreover, rose petals exfoliate your lips and make them look fuller.

Sugar : Lip exfoliating with a sugar scrub or other natural exfoliants helps encourage blood circulation in your lips. Increasing circulation helps promote cellular turnover, revealing fresh new skin cells and a plumper pout.

Olive oil : Applying olive oil on lips can help to hydrate and nourish dry, cracked, or chapped lips. Regular use of olive oil can result in soft and supple lips. This is because olive oil contains fatty acids that can penetrate the skin and help to lock in moisture.

  • Gives Pink Lips
  • Prevents Lips from Chapped.
  • Helps in Softening Lips
  • Removes Dead Cells on Lips.

Wet your lips and scrub it with a small amount of lip scrub for 2-3 minutes.

Massage gently and wash it off with water.

Follow it with a lip balm or lip lip butter.

Anyone with dark and pigmented lips can use cotton candy lip scrub.

1) I have very dry lips. Can I use this?
Yes, you can use it on dry lips to exfoliate the dry and dead skin cells away. 
2) Can I use this and lip balm at the same time?
First, scrub your lips using the Cotton Candy Lip Scrub, then wipe them off, and then use a lip balm to lock in the softness.
3) Can I use the lip scrub to exfoliate my face?
Lip scrubs can’t be used as face scrubs since they are formulated to remove dead skin cells from the lips, which are tender and fragile. You can use our power-packed face scrubs separately to exfoliate your face and body.
4) Can it be used on kids?
As this is a blend of 100% herbal ingredients, you can use it on kids too. Just take a patch test to find out if they are allergic to any natural ingredients.
5) Who can use this lip scrub?
Everyone can use this lip scrub. Use it twice a week or every two days once according to your lip texture and needs.
6) Is the lip scrub organic? 
All our products are loaded with the goodness of nature. The lip scrub is curated using natural oils and sugars to rejuvenate the lips and exfoliate dead skin cells.
7) How does the cotton candy lip scrub smell? 
Cotton candy lip scrub smells like freshly crushed rose petals and is loaded with the goodness of natural oils.
8) Does it reduce lip pigmentation?
Regularly using the lip scrub and following it up with lip balms will help it lighten lip pigmentation, improve lip texture and soften the lips. 
9) Is it safe to use to remove lipstick?
Cotton candy lip scrub removes the leftover stain of lipstick from the lips as it acts as a good exfoliator and also contains oil.
10) How long should I exfoliate my lips?
Scrub your lips for 1-2 minutes, leave the scrub on for 2-3 minutes, and wipe it off. 

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250 gms

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