Ingredients to Look for Strong and Healthy Hair

You know what, self-care and me-time are one of the best experiences one can experience in the fast-moving world. We all take enough care of our face, but how many of us really consider a hair care routine? Hair is one of the most important visible areas which helps us look young and youthful just like facial skin.

Here Are A Few Basics Before We Dive In Detail:

The scalp part is the root where the hair is to be grown, whereas hair length is something that one decides based on their needs. It is important to take care of both if you like to have a healthy, strong, and at the same time, to maintain the texture of your hair.

Now back to our topic, here are some of the Natural Ingredients that promote Hair growth and have a Healthy Scalp. Check them out and you can feel the how easily we can get out hands on the home or that are easily accessible.


Most of us would have heard our mom saying to use hibiscus leaves and flowers for hair but as always we just ignored them. There is a huge number of advantages while using hibiscus in the hair care routine, while some of them prevent premature greying, add natural shine and softness, induce volume to the hair, and the list goes on.

Simple DIY for Soft and Shiny Hair:

Take a handful of hibiscus flowers and leaves. Wash them well before adding them to your blender. The final gel texture can be achieved through the ingredient which we are going to add now. It varies according to your hair type and availability in the kitchen. You can use curd, infused water like green tea, neem water, hibiscus water, rice water, etc. Now blend and blend until you get a gel-like consistency..

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Once the mask is ready, you have to prepare your hair so that you get the maximum benefit out of it. Initially use a big teeth wooden comb to detangle your hair, and apply the mask by diving into the section. Concentrate on both scalp and roots to get that softness and shine while stepping out. Sometimes, even though we need to do all these, we miss them due to busy personal and professional schedules. In that case, get the Hibiscus shampoo and Hibiscus Conditioner that is completely natural and made from your neighbour’s home, Magical Jar.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a universal product that will benefit both skin and hair. When it comes to hair, the aloe vera gel helps in strengthening the hair, promotes hair growth, helps the itchy scalp, removes the greasiness in the hair, and the list goes on. It has a combination of vitamins like A, C, E, B12, folic acid, and even more. It is one perfect ingredient that can be consumed internally and externally. 

Homemade DIY for Strong Hair

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Take the flesh of aloe Vera and add a few drops of oil. Blend it well and your one ingredient mask is ready. Apply well on the scalp and roots, and wait for 20 mins. Wash it off and you will be able to see better hair than yesterday for sure. One more daily spray that will promote hair growth is aloe Vera spray. The same process is to be repeated but instead of using it as a mask, strain in a muslin cloth and spray it all over your scalp and hair. This can also be used as a hair serum. 

Never worry if you don’t have the plant in your home. Try our aloe Vera shampoo and conditioner for a good hair day.


This is one of the best and most available kitchen ingredients that will help in boosting your hair growth. Small onions are so effective whereas big onions can also be used. 

DIY for Inducing Hair Growth

Cut them, add them to a blender, and get a watery consistency with the required amount of water. You can take a cotton pad and gently dab it on your scalp where you feel the density is low or you will feel the baldness. Get the best quality onion-infused products for better and visible results in your hair. You can build your routine with Magical Jar’s Onion Oil, with any shampoo or conditioner. If you feel onion oil is quite heavy, then try our best seller Onion Herbal Shampoo is the best option to go with.

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Tips and Tricks

  1. Choosing infused hair oils can help in stimulating the blood flow throughout your scalp. Heat them using a double boiler, and gently massage them in a circular motion around your scalp and in the ends.
  2. If you are a person who does not prefer to oil your hair, you can choose hair masks or even conditioners before shampooing. Washing hair while it’s dry will make them even worse.
  3. Detangle before and after shampooing your hair. 
  4. Using a serum while the hair is damp will make your detangling process quite easier without shedding the hair.
  5. During the night, massage the back part of your head either by running your fingers into them or by placing your head in an inverted position on the bed.
  6. Straight, Wavy, or Curly everything is beautiful in its own way. So just make sure you love your hair and maintain it to be healthy.

We also have other different varieties of shampoo, conditioner, hair packs and dye that are completely natural and give effective results. If you want to try something and are confused with our range of products, comment below or drop a DM, and our Founder will be guiding you.

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