Difference between facewash and cleanser

dead skin cells and the external pollutants affecting the skin. Face Wash and Cleansers provide a quick clean-up whereas facial provides good results for a long period.

Is there any difference between Cleanser and Facewash? Can I use both? Which is suitable for my skin: Face wash or Cleanser? Loaded with doubts??? Don’t worry you are not the only person in the crowd.

In this article, we would like to brief the purpose and use of cleanser and facewash

What is a Cleanser?

Cleansers are the key product that removes makeup, excess oil, and dirt from your skin. Many people prefer to use it before makeup as face cleanser provides a good blending effect for moisturizer and sunscreen. It is free of skin irritants such as sodium Lauryl sulfate and can leave your skin fresh and dry with simple clean up

Right Way to  Use Cleanser

Cleansing twice a day can prevent the clogged pores and excess oil from the sebum. Moreover, it hydrates and moisturizes the face with smoothness around. Face Clean up using cleansers can be done by rinsing the face with cold water or swiping off with a cotton towel based on the product description

What is a Face wash

Face washes are also the best way to remove away the external pollutants and dirt down the skin. Similar to soaps, several facewashes  produce a foaming effect when rinsed off. In recent years, facewashes are considered to be the substitute of soap since it provides benefits to the skin that soap doesn’t.

Right Way to  Use Facewash

If you have particularly combination or oily skin, it is better to use face washes twice a day. It is mandated to thoroughly rinse away face washes using water, or else the irritants or the granules in the face wash may leave a drying effect on the skin. otherwise, they may have a drying effect on your skin.

A cleanser is more moisturizing and hydrating than your typical face wash. Face wash can be used as a substitute for soap. Moreover, there are a lot more differences between the facewash and the cleanser.

Key Difference between Cleanser and Facewash

Face Wash

Deep clean effect for Oily/ Combination Skin
Used as a substitute for soap 
Bubble foams 
Get rid of oil and reduce the clogged pores 
Provides Matte Look
Available in Gel/Foam forms 


Hydration Benefit for Dry/Normal Skin
Gentler than Facewash
Makeup remover and gentle clean up
Moisturized and smooth effect
Available in Powder/Liquid forms

Facewash or Cleanser? Which to opt?

 Cleansers and face washes can most certainly be used together in one’s skincare routine. It is mainly based on how you like to stay for the day. A morning routine can be started with facewash and a night routine can be effective with the help of the cleanser.

Above all, Skin type has to be taken into account. Few facewashes may have irritants/ scrub materials that can be used often. On the other end, Cleansers provide a dewy and moisturized look which cannot be looking good for few.

To Conclude

Facewash and Cleansers both provide the cleansing effect with their very own benefits. Plan to use with the purpose you need and don’t forget to follow a simple skincare routine to nourish your skin.

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