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Decoding Pimples

Ever gotten ready for a grand wedding and got disappointed due to that one pimple that ruins the entire makeup? The one thing that pops up every now and then, the uninvited guest of our skin, every girl’s nightmare – PIMPLES. God knows why they only appear when we have an important ceremony to attend. Hiding them with our hair strands is definitely a torture to most of the girls out there.

Acnes and pimples can be a bit tedious to differentiate. Acne is the disease and pimples are its symptoms. Acne affects skin follicles and oil glands. Our skin produces a natural oil called sebum. The pores in the skin are attached to the sebum-producing glands via a canal-like structure called follicle. Now when the dead cells and sebum start clumping, they clog the pores. This clogging leads to bacteria deposition and inflammation and causes the red bumps on our face, i.e., pimples.

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Why Do I Even Get Them

Statistically it is estimated that 80% of the people in the ages 11-30 experience acne in their life. It is mainly caused due to the hormonal changes that happen in our body due to puberty. The sensitivity of androgen’s along with the bacterial attack causes pimples.

Few other causes include:

  •         Weather conditions. (high humidity especially)
  •         Stress – increase in cortisol levels leads to increase in sebum production.
  •         Changes in hormone levels during menstruation.
  •         Certain medications.
  •         Genes.
  •        Oily makeup products.

Teenagers are more prone to pimples due to the peak in their androgen levels.


It is found that certain food products have the tendency to cause acne. Generally, acne is primarily caused by fluctuating hormone levels. Having a healthy and a balanced diet can help to reduce the inflammation.

Top foods that cause acne include:

  •       Dairy products.
  •         Fast food.
  •        Chocolates.
  •         Whey protein.

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The one main issue of pimples is scarring. Certain scars can be permanent while certain scars disappear as soon as the inflammation decreases. Scars are basically the healing stage of acne. Our skin produces collagen to replace the damaged skin. If the collagen produced is high, it leads to scars.

To reduce these scars you can rely on products that are right in your home.

  • Honey
  • Lemon juice
  • Aloe vera
  • Coconut Oil
  • Baking soda + water
  • Apple cider vinegar

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Bonus cookie – mix besan and curd to make a face pack. Apply it daily for great results. Works excellently for dry skin.


Coming to products, every departmental store will have hundreds of products that claim to reduce pimples. But, the chemicals in them will cause side effects which are unavoidable. It is best advisable to switch to natural products. We at Magical Jar produce products at a very affordable price. They are made with 100% natural ingredients which are proven to give results without any intricacies.


Here we’ve some of our valuable products focused on treating acne and pimples.

No Mark Face Pack:

This face pack is made with delicacy with ingredients like papaya, sandal, neem, turmeric and green gram flour. These elements are by far the best natural items that give a bright and radiant skin.

BENEFITS: Treats acne/pimple prone skin, turmeric enhances the antibacterial properties, treats sunburns and rashes, gets rid of red marks, treats black spots.

This face mask is suitable for all skin types and works magically for both men and women. Use it 2-3 times for best results.

No Mark Tea Tree Cream:

INGREDIENTS: Aloe gel, Olive oil, Tea tree extract, Tea tree E oil

BENEFITS: Reduces acne and pimple marks, keeps skin hydrated.

Suitable for acne prone skin and can be used by both men and women. Use it daily in the morning as a moisturizer or in the night as a night cream.

  • No marks Tea tree cream

    No marks Tea tree cream (Zero pimples)

    Acne-Pimples-Blemishes 350.00 Add to cart

Tea Tree Face Wash:

This product is infused with tea tree oil and aloe vera gel that gives spellbound effects on skin and works excellently to reduce acne and its marks.

BENEFITS: Reduces pimples and redness, Acts as an antibacterial and antiseptic agent.

Use twice a day for best results.

Magical Jar also has a mini kit, exclusively for acne prone skin. You can check them here.

  • Sale! No Marks Mini Kit

    No Marks Mini Kit (Acne/Pimples Treatment)

    Mini Kits
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    550.00 Add to cart

If you have acne prone skin, don’t worry, you’re not alone. All these are natural and the way you treat it matters. Don’t keep picking off or squeeze the white bumps too hard. This causes more collagen to be produced and thus creates a permanent scar. Don’t smother it with make and make sure to not use harsh makeup tools. Prefer natural products over chemical ones. Use the products consistently for great results.

For more amazing products, check out Magical Jar.

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