Dandruff - Why do I even get them?

Why Do I Even Get Them? – One common issue that most of the individuals face is undoubtedly the dandruff on their scalp. Countless products are out there within the market which claims to cure dandruff instantly. Out of those millions, only 10-20 of them are genuine and provide proven results.

Dandruff can be defined as a condition where the skin on the scalp starts to flake. This isn’t a contagious or a life-threatening situation but can cause slight levels of second hand embarrassment in public. Scientifically speaking, dandruff could be a mild type of Seborrheic Dermatitis.


The main visible symptom indicating dandruff is the white flakes on the scalp. Other symptoms include:

  • Itchy scalp.
  • Greasy scales on the scalp.
  • Flakes on shoulders, forehead, beard etc.
  • In severe cases, yellowish or reddish bumps along the hairline.

In most of the conditions, the effect isn’t severe and there is no must to visit your doctor. If your condition doesn’t improve with the usage of a standard dandruff shampoo, it is advised to go to a dermatologist and switch over to a medicated shampoo.


  • People with oily skin are highly vulnerable to dandruff due to a yeast called Malassezia globosa which feeds on the oil on the scalp.
  • Due to this feeding, people’s bodies react to the present breakdown and causes the production of new cells even more rapidly which in successively causes dandruff.
  • The major effect of cold weather is skin desiccation. This also means dry scalp too. This drying up can also be a minor reason for dandruff.
  • Observations have been made and it is seen that the flakes due to dry scalp are smaller compared to the flakes seen in oily skin.
  • Dandruff usually begins around the end of teenage, i.e., the start of adulthood and is prevalent through mid adulthood (around 50 years of age.)
  • This doesn’t mean that the older people don’t seem to be liable to dandruff. Some issues can prolong for a lifetime.
  • Research and studies have shown that men are more prone to dandruff than women.
  • This is because androgen hormones (eg: testosterones) stimulate the activity of sebaceous glands resulting in more oil production.
  • Not using proper shampoos suitable for your hair are often one among-est the most important reasons for dandruff.
  • Infrequent washing of hair is another reason too. Not washing your hair frequently can cause oil build up which leads to dandruff.

Natural products are much preferable and can be an additional advantage to cure dandruff and that they do not cause any side effects to the scalp and can also help in keeping it healthy. Organic shampoos are better than the chemical ones because they remove the natural oils of the scalp which could cause a dry and itchy scalp. Also, these shampoos don’t have any foam. Foams are caused because of chemicals within the shampoos. 

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To know more about the causes of dandruff, go take a look at What Is Dandruff? Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention | Everyday Health.


Wash your hair very often.

Washing your hair everyday will only cause your natural oils to strip away resulting in dryness and itchiness. But, not shampooing your hair enough causes accumulation of oils leading to yeast growth and development which inturn leads to dandruff.

Dandruff is caused by a dry scalp.

No. Dandruff is primarily caused by the yeast. A dry scalp can lead to skin flakes but not directly to cause dandruff. Remedies used for a dry scalp might not work for dandruff due to this very reason. 

Dandruff is contagious.

Absolutely not! You can live with a person who has dandruff. It does not spread like a cold or a flu. You can hangout with a person having dandruff without any fear that you might get it from them.

Dandruff is something that tingles a sense of insecurity and judgment among people. The only way to escape from this is to properly take care of your hair and scalp. Using multiple shampoos and expecting immediate results will only cause hair damage. Be in step with a single product and wait for your results. They don’t appear magically after a single usage. Choose products that are suitable for your hair type. Last, but not the least, don’t let your dandruff put you down or degrade your confidence under any circumstances. You’re so much more than those tiny little flakes.

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