Beard Oil - Facts & Myths

For some, growing a beard can be very easy, whereas for some, growing a beard can be an impossible task. Even though there are no clear cut magical pills for increasing the beard growth or thickness, there is definitely no shortage for the amount of myths revolving around this topic. Being said, most men are not able to get their dream beard because they eventually become a prey to all these misconceptions and misinformation.

In this blog, you’ll read about the most common myths on beard growth and beard oils. To have a nice beard, truthfully all it takes is effort and patience in maintaining them. Consistency is the key. Here are some of the myths and the discussions revolving around it.


Use beard oil for faster beard growth.


Yes and No. Beard growth cannot be stimulated by oils or any other chemicals. It is purely genetic. But, if the problem of your beard growth is due to dryness or lack of nourishment, then these oils keep your follicles moisturized and hydrated, thus aiding in beard growth.


In bald areas of the face, hair growth is possible.


Baldness occurs due to absence of follicles. No follicles, no hair growth. Simple. No matter how many products you apply, this is not possible.


Beards can be itchy.


What do you think about an itchy scalp? Is it normal to feel that way? No right! Similarly having an itchy beard is also not normal. Initial itchiness is normal. As the hair starts growing to different parts, itchiness and irritation is bound to occur. However, within a month, this will subside. If this doesn’t get alright, read this Itchy beard – Causes and Remedies for more tips and remedies.


Shaving your beard can make it grow back thicker.


Many researches have proven that shaving your beard DOES NOT make it grow back thicker. Shaving, on the other hand, gives the appearance of a thicker hair because our hair naturally tends to taper on the ends. This is because your hair looks fuller because of the removal of the thinner ends of the beard. This results in the thicker ends being exposed. Does shaving make beard grow back thicker?  gives the scientific approach of this concept.


To get your dream beard, wait for 30 days.


Every human out there has a different rate of beard growth. For some, 30 days will only result in a stubble whereas for some others 30 days might result in a fully grown beard. Have consistent beard growth for 3-5 months to know how your beard will really look like.


Beard growth is uniform.


Many men seem to have a uniform and a set beard. It is often failed to notice that the beard is made to appear uniform by trimming the longer areas.

Scientifically, hair grows faster on the chin side and cheeks take time to fill slowly. They don’t grow at a uniform level.

7 Popular But Foolish Beard Myths Men Fall Prey To When They Can’t Grow A Dapper Beard talks about other most common allegories on beard growth.

Why Beard Oil

First of all, beard oil is just a conditioner to moisturize your beard and not to stimulate its growth. It helps in taming and softening the beard to make it look more composed and styled. It helps in promoting a lush and a fuller beard. It not only nourishes your beard hair but also hydrates the skin beneath it.

Chemicals present in these oils have the tendency to cause irritation and itchiness. Also, it might also cause allergies. That’s why it is advisable to switch over to natural products over chemical ones. To make your search easier, Magical Jar has something special for you.

We, at Magical Jar have a special beard serum that is made with 100% natural ingredients. Placed at an affordable rate, it helps in nourishing your beard from the root level. Since there are no extra chemicals, it hydrates your skin without stripping off the natural moisture, thus preventing beard dryness.

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Some people might face the problem of beard growth due to improper care and treatment. For those facing this, the beard serum will be your best go-to product. Made with Eucalyptus Oil, Avocado Oil, Tea Tree Oil and Neem Oil, the serum softens and adds shine to your beard, thus giving it a proper shape. Also, it acts as a perfect beard moisturizer.

So why the delay? Grab yours at Magical Jar here: Beard Serum

To know more about benefits of beard oil, check out – Beard Oil – Uses and Benefits

Beard growth is purely based on genes and hormones. Modern society is living with myths and misconceptions and it is important on how we segregate and perceive the information that we receive. Don’t blind anything blindly. Test it out and check what is best suitable for your beard. Wait for 3-5 months to view proper results. Only when you take care of your beard, with proper diet and hygiene, is this possible. Growing a beard can be easy, but maintaining it isn’t a cakewalk. It requires effort and patience. So be consistent and get that dream beard of yours!

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