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Basic Skin Care Routine to Follow

The modern generation is overflowing with many complex products in the field of makeup and skincare. A person who’s just beginning their skincare routine, might eventually get lost in these huge options available in front of them. What kind of products to use? Which one is good for your skin? How often should we use them? Well, hang in there, here’s a basic skincare routine that anyone can follow for glowing and hydrated skin. Whether you’re a college student or a working mother, this will definitely be your ultimate skincare guide.

Basic skin care routine to follow

Skincares can sometimes be overwhelming. But with a basic daily routine, it can be a kickstart to a healthy and glowing skin. There are three steps in this regime.


Magical Jar is a company that commits to produce 100% natural products with no added chemicals that cause harm to your skin. All these products are handcrafted for all types of skin and are very affordable. They are clinically tested with proven results and are made with super safe natural ingredients. They have six different skincare routines for different skin types.

So why not kickstart your skincare routine with Magical Jar this time?


Cleansing is the primary step of every skincare process. A thorough cleansing, twice a day is compulsory. After your beauty sleep, your skin might be dehydrated or might also have remnants of sweat and oil too. Cleansing in the morning would definitely help in removing them and give off a vibrant and a refreshing glow to your face.

Imagine what your skin would be exposed to throughout the entire day? Sweat, dust and also the makeup too forms a part of the external aggressors your skin faces everyday. Deep cleansing at the end of your day will definitely wipe off all these irritants from your skin and can prevent breakouts of skin.


  • Our skin produces sebum, a natural oil to protect itself from external damage. When this sebum is not washed off from your face, it can lead to clogging of skin follicles and enlarged pores which causes bacterial attack.
  • It helps in hydrating the skin. Dehydrated skin causes cracks and bursts which damages the skin on a longer run.
  • It plays a major role in anti-ageing of the skin and ensures that it looks radiant throughout.

For more insight on cleansing, do check out Skin Cleansing 101: Why Washing Your Face is Important

Also, Magical Jar has a wide range of cleansers for different skin types. You can find them here:

From Capuccino cleansers to Rose cleansers, they have different ones for different purposes.


Moisturizers have been in the skincare field for a longer time and it is even said in history that Cleopatra bathed in goats milk because of its moisturizing qualities to improve her complexion.

Scientifically, moisturizers help in holding water in the stratum corneum (outermost layer of the skin). According to Harvard Health, the stratum layer should have at least 10% water or more to prevent breakage of skin. Moisturizers replace the water and not the oil in the skin.
After cleansing, it is advised to apply moisturizer when the skin is damp so as to hold in the moisture. 


  • Due to environmental factors, our skin is prone to dust and pollutants. Due to this, it fails to lock in the moisture leading to a dehydrated skin, which causes redness and irritation. Moisturizing helps to hold the moisture and keeps the skin hydrated throughout.
  • Moisturizers act as a barrier between the skin and the atmosphere, mainly in chilly conditions where skin is easily prone to dry.

For more intuition on moisturizers, go check out How to Moisturize Face: Expert Tips, When to Do It, and Ingredients.


After cleansing and moisturizing your face, if you fail to apply sunscreen, then all that you’ve done to your skin will be of no use. Wearing sunscreen is one of the best ways to protect your skin from premature aging, sunburns and skin cancer too.

For daily use, SPF 30 is advisable. But if you’re a person who spends a lot of time outdoors, then SPF 60 is the right thing for you. Even if exposure to sunlight is a great source of Vitamin D, but unprotected exposure to UV can cause severe damage to the skin and eyes. Also choose a sunscreen that has a broad spectrum range protecting against both UVA  and UVB radiations.


  • Makeup products do come with SPF 30 these days. But nothing can beat the results of a sunscreen unless and until you’re fine with applying layers and layers of thick foundation.
  • It is advisable to reapply sunscreen after every 2 hours if you’re outdoors.
  • They help in reducing sun burns, sun spots, skin cancer and also broken vessels.

The American Academy of Dermatology Association addressed the FAQs regarding sunscreens. You can read them here: Sunscreen FAQs.

To make your work and your skincare routine very easy, Magical Jar has come up with a set of properly planned skincare routines which is handcrafted for specific skin types.


This kit comes with: yellow jar cleanser | no marks face pack | no marks cream | tea tree toner.


  • Reduces redness and cools the skin. 
  • Reduces pimple marks and keeps skin hydrated.
  • Serves as an anti-inflammatory reagent to the skin.


List of products: Glowing face pack | Cotton Candy cream | Black and White cleanser | Hibiscus toner.


  • Oily skin to glowing normal skin in just 30 days.
  • Hydrates your skin and gives facial glow.


This kit comes with: Cappuccino cleanser | Earth jar face pack | Lavender Cream | Lavender Toner. 


  • Treats uneven skin tone, Rich in antioxidants.
  • Gives a glowing complexion, slows down aging.
  • Reduces pimple marks and hydrates skin.


List of products: Yellow jar cleanser | Magic Cream | Clay Pack | Aloe vera toner.


  • Reduces redness and cools the skin.
  • Anti-inflammatory.
  • Hydrates your skin and reduces pimple marks.

Take Away

Cleansing, moisturizing and applying sunscreen are the three main basic skincare routine steps that one should never miss. Additionally toners and primers can also be used for extra care if necessary. Remember to check the ingredients of the products and do not overuse it for faster results. Last but not the least, Consistency is the key. Applying the products for a day and expecting immediate results is not going to happen. Don’t keep changing your products frequently for faster results. Be consistent.

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